Real-time AI
call coach

Become the best at calling
you can possibly be.

Are you making these simple mistakes?

Saying "Uhh"
all the time?

Not asking
enough questions?

too fast?

Saying the
wrong things?

Talkalyze helps you improve

  • Real-time Audio analysis
  • Nothing is recorded


  • Non-intrusive suggestions
  • You give feedback on usefulness


  • Analyze yourself after every call
  • See how you are improving

Works with any calling app

  • Zoom, GoToMeeting, WebEx
  • Browser calls like Google Hangouts
  • Click-to-call or VoIP software

Maximum Privacy

Talkalyze analyzes and processes your voice on your device only. Your voice and audio never leave your device without explicit permission.

Made with ❤ in Amsterdam